Product Review: Specialized Body Geometry Saddle Fit System

Product Review: Specialized Body Geometry Saddle Fit System

The bike saddle can be either the bane of ones existence or an integral part of the cycling experience. Until recently saddle fitment was a matter of trial and error, random recommendations from others, and riding until it hurt. Specialized, smartly, recognized the insansity of this cycle and working with an ergonomics doctor developed their Body Geometry Saddles.

Specialized identified that the ideal saddle design provided support under the “sit bones” while allowing space for the soft tissues to breathe. Even the same height and weight people could have entirely different width between their sit bones. For the Body Geometry Saddles Specialized created a memory foam based “BG Saddle Fit” scale, or “Assometer” as the local bike shop calls it, that allows technicians at the shop to accurately measure the width of the sit bones. With this measurement in hand they could then match one of the Specialized Body Geometry saddles with the rider.

Specialized Body Geometry Seat Fit

Real World Test

One of the editors at has been struggling with seat fitment for a few years. Originally starting out with a wider saddle she would experience pain after rides longer than 2 hours. Upon a recommendation she switched over to a narrower saddle solving the 2 hour problem but creating sore hips after long climbs.

Two months ago she stopped by the local bike shop and was fitted for a Body Geometry Saddle. The bike shop tech measured her sit bones, discussed her riding position and style, and presented two saddle options. One of the saddles was a longer nose “mountain bike” saddle and the other a stub nose ” road saddle”. The shop even mounted the two saddles and allowed her to cruise around for a bit to test the two. Electing for the snub nose saddle she was warned that the first few rides would not be comfortable as her body weight would finally be placed over the sit bones.

The first few rides did present her with pain from the new saddle. After the break-in period the saddle has provided a welcome reprieve to her with comfortable seating on both long rides and long climbs. The Specialized Body Geometry Saddle Fit System succeeded in fitting the proper width saddle for her body. After a few months on the new seat the saddle is no longer the bane of her existence and has proven to us that the Specialized Body Geometry Saddle Fit System is a worthwhile option for tandem teams struggling with saddle issues.

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