Product Review: C-Clear Anti-Fog Lens Treatment

Product Review: C-Clear Anti-Fog Lens Treatment

As a wearer of rigid gas permeable contact lens, also known as hard lens, the editor of is very susceptible to dust and wind impacting his eye-site. To compensate and protect his eyes he has, for years now, worn motorcycle type goggles to limit air movement in and around the eyes. The unfortunate side effect of this closed air space against the face is fogging of the inside of the lens during climbs and in humid weather.

After years of putting up with fogged lenses the editor finally sought out commercially available solutions to the problem. After an exhaustive web based research he settled on a gel product from the US based company C-Clear. Promising to eliminate fogging of the lens and offering a 30 day money back guarantee there seemed to be nothing to lose. After ordering from the company website at the product arrived in the mail within a few days.

The product is applied using a clean finger or cotton cloth to “smear” the lenses with the gel. A clean cotton cloth is then used to lightly buff the lens surface clear. The included instructions list a few reasons should the solution not work primarily based upon inappropriate application.

The first test of this product occurred on a cool day with ambient air temperature at 60 degrees F and relative humidity in the mid-50% range. The tandem ride followed a mountain bike trail with gradual climbs and brief descents, the perfect combination to build up moisture under the lenses. After 45 minutes of riding no fog blocked the eye-line of the captain. Alternatively at the very edges of the lenses where the gel was not applied condensation had built up and fogged that area of the lens thus confirming the effectiveness of the solution.

After 1 month of testing on both road and mountain bike tandem rides in weather varying from warm late spring days to comfortable but humid scattered shower days the C-Clear has worked flawlessly. Most recently while climbing a 15 mile grade under 80 degree weather the effectiveness of the solution became apparent as the water droplets inside the lens simply balled up and slid down rather than cause fogging.

For tandem riders who frequently experience fogging of the lenses C-Clear receives the seal of approval.

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