Tandem Bliss in New York City

Tandem Bliss in New York City

With the passing of the first day of spring we felt it was time to clue our readers in on one of the more unique routes available to tandem teams. While New York City might not come to mind as the place to go for cycling adventure the city has transformed itself into a unique cycling destination. On weekends Central Park closes all the roads inside the park to vehicles and opens them to pedestrians, runners, rollerbladers, and cyclists.

The circular routes allow tandem teams to log significant mileage in the safety of this car free area. With a constant flow of foot and cycling traffic the scenery never gets old and the historic “cool” factor of riding inside this inner city park makes it a memorable day.

For more mileage tandem teams can venture out to the Manhatten Waterfront Greenway Bicycle Path. Eventually designed to be a complete bike path around the island of Manhatten the current route links existing bike paths and safe on street routes to create a 32 mile around the island route for cyclists.

Passing along the Hudson river with upclose views of the financial district, the World Trade Center site, and various other points of historical significance this ride should be a number one must do for any tandem team visiting the Big Apple.

On weekends the Greenway bike path is very popular so plan accordingly and pay attention. There are a couple of bike rental businesses that are combined with meandering tourists on foot to place a number of unaware obstructions onto the bike path. The sheer number of users and varied abilities makes this one of the more dangerous bike paths in the nation.

With spring here and summer approaching tandem teams planning vacations to the east coast should consider New York City as  a viable cycling destination. Pack the tandem and riding gear for a weekend in the city and enjoy a unique way to explore the sights (save on cab fare too).

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