Lead, Follow, or Go Your Own Way

Lead, Follow, or Go Your Own Way

Riding a tandem is one of those experiences that is truly a blast to enjoy. How many activities can a grown adult take part in that regularly gets smiles out of random strangers and shouts from kids exclaiming “That is cool!” Unlike the rest of the cycling world tandem teams suit up and head out not to get another training mile in or log that interval but instead ride out for another few hours together.

It is the togetherness that makes tandem bike riding a special activity.

While perusing celebrity gossip magazines we found some photos of Marisa Tomei riding stoker in New York City with her man. Now these gossip columns usually focus on bashing the captured starlets but in this case all the reports were positive. Rather than libel Marisa and her man the authors all noted how comfortable, relaxing, and fun the tandem ride seemed to be. Yes even the paparazzi get it, tandems are cool.

The next time you through a leg over the top tube of your tandem remember that the simple act of riding the tandem bike means you are going your own way. Rather than follow the Lance Armstrong admiring masses a tandem team just does it different, even the movie stars get it.

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