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Get on the Tandem Bike for Fall Riding

Get on the Tandem Bike for Fall Riding

With fall in full swing it is time too hit the roads and trails before winter takes over. Check out our events calendar for tandem friendly rides and races in your neck of the woods and get out to enjoy the Indian Summer across most of the United States. October and early November afford some picturesque opportunities for tandem bike teams to spin the pedals.

The New England states are running late on the fall leaf change meaning there is still time to get up there for a weekend of fun. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and the New England coast all have very tandem friendly areas beckoning your tandem team to check them out. Following the damaging hurricane of this last summer there are excellent travel deals available for last minute lodging.

On Columbus Day here is a reminder to get back in the saddle and enjoy the tandem.

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