Performance Ultra Bicycle Short Review

Performance Ultra Bicycle Short Review

Like most cyclists our editorial staff always look for products with the best value for the dollar. Today we are testing out one of the more popular cycling shorts available in the Performance Ultra Lycra Shorts.

A favorite of our editors these shorts, when purchased with discounts and deals, can be had for $40 or less direct from Performance Bike (retail pricing is usually in the $r0 range). They offer features found in shorts retailing for double to triple the price.

Performance Ultra ChamoisBicycle shorts are arguably the most important piece of equipment for keeping a rider comfortable on the bike. The combination of fabric, fit, and padding come together to protect your private parts from rashes and discomfort. The Ultra short includes Cytech brand chamois. This chamois is designed to integrate smoothly with the short fabric and results in a comfortable feel while in the saddle.

The Ultra Short utilizes a light feeling fabric called Eschler that breathes easily and didn’t require special care in washing. With a white flat seem stitch and silicone leg grips the short fits comfortably on both short and long rides in the mountains or on the road.

Our editors are very happy with the short and  recommend it as an alternative to some of the more expensive brands available.

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