Summers Not Over Yet the UCI World Cup in New York

Summers Not Over Yet the UCI World Cup in New York

With summer quickly coming to end we felt it was time to point out that there is still a major cycling event to take place within the United States. Lost in all the hubbub over Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, and the doping controversy is the news that Windham Resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York will play host to the UCI World Cup Finals for Mountain Bike Racing.

The UCI Finals, while not a tandem event per-se, is marking its first return to the United States in five years. That is five years without World Cup races inside the borders of the country that created the sport! To celebrate the milestone the local communities are pulling out all the stops to entertain and delight fans in attendance.

Beginning Thursday August 26 through Sunday August 29 fans and racers alike will be able to enjoy scenice riding in and around the race location. plans on attending the various events and partaking in every opportunity to ride the various courses for fun.

Race categories are open to beginner and pros alike with cross-country, downhill, and 4x events taking place at the mountain. There will be free concerts and exhibitions taking place in town over the weekend. Access to all the events, again, is free while parking is $10 per day or $25 for all weekend.

Summer may fast be coming to a close but your opportunity to enjoy a bit of cycling history is not over. Find out more at

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