Sorry Floyd Tandem Riders are Clean

Sorry Floyd Tandem Riders are Clean

Are you as shocked by Floyd’s allegations as we are? Just kidding we are not shocked at all. What is surprising is that no tandem teams were allegedly involved in the doping scandal. Shouldn’t be too long now before Floyd drops the bomb there too :).

In the end is any of this gossip, news anyways? It is so old hat now that every allegation, suggestion, or innuendo is simply fodder for tabloids and more of a reason to hate cycling. We at want to express our appreciation of all you tandem riders out there who are keeping it clean.

Where will all this end? Will every cyclist eventually have to say they don’t dope? Bicycling magazine not too long ago ran a story covering amateur racers who were being caught doping (Article). When a sport reaches a point where doping is okay for amateurs is it really a sport anymore?

Sorry for all the questions but they need to be asked. When does it end? Do we eventually okay all doping and just let it slide like the NFL does now? In the end the further doping allegations just adds to our pleasure of calling ourselves “Tandem Riders”.

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