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Why Would You Steal a Tandem?

Why Would You Steal a Tandem?

This last week an interesting and uplifting story came out of the San Diego area. A family trailer was broken into and robbed of several items including a tandem bike. (Story) The victims reported the robbery to the police but also became vigilant about looking for their stolen stuff on their own. After a few days of internet searching the wife came across a Craigslist ad for their tandem. The family contacted the local sheriff office again, reported the find, and allowed the detectives to take action. The deputies, after surveillance, spotted the tandem and captured the bad guy.

We can only postulate as to the reason for the robbery but why would any intelligent thief steal a tandem. This story brings back memories of the guys that stole Lance Armstrong’s bike at the Tour of California a few years back and then tried to sell the priceless rigs on a street corner for a couple dollars. In both cases the thieves ignored the concept that their new found loot is very easy to identify.

Here is to the hard work and diligence of the victims in finding their tandem and recovering their stuff. A reminder to other bad guys out there… leave our tandems alone!

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