The reasons couples choose to ride tandems varies but for all it is the milestones and memories that last beyond the weekend journeys. For some tandem teams the reason to ride is about being together and for others it is about taking on challenges.

Whatever the reasons for riding a tandem together there moments when a great milestone is set that requires the two riders to take notice and celebrate. For our editors a huge milestone was passed yesterday with the odometer on their mountain bike tandem turning over to 5000.

That is 5000 miles of trails and roads throughout the United States. Some were fun some were not but they were all covered together on a tandem.

A new season of cycling is underway with the blooming of springtime flowers and thousands of more miles are soon to come. With the milestones and the miles creating lasting memories of joy, adventure, and togetherness.

As you dust off the tandem for another season of riding keep in mind that each mile that passes is another logged on to your odometer. The journey on a tandem is not just another a spin around the block. Instead it is a team exercise in perseverance and companionship. Don’t lose sight of why you took up the sport and why your team does what it does on that two-seater. The milestones and the memories are just up the road, get ready for that next adventure.

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