Gator Ride in the Everglades

Gator Ride in the Everglades

Shark Valley is the most accessible part of the Everglades National Park in South Florida. With a visitor center adjacent to Highway 41 the 15 mile paved loop road is an excellent opportunity for tandem bike teams to ride into the “wilds”.

Arriving late in the day or early morning will enable you to park within the small visitor center parking area. Otherwise parking is available on the shoulder of the highway (not recommended). Entering the park you will have to pay a NPS fee but this ride is well worth the price of admission.

Completely flat the out and back loop travels counter-clockwise along the swamps that are teeming with wild-life including alligators. For a tandem ride this one is not for the faint of heart. The gators are hanging out along and on the trail. They seemed used to the foot and single bike traffic but the tandem was a new treat for them. At one point a very large gator positioned immediately next to the trail opened its jaws to challenge our test team as they rode past.


In the end our testers didn’t die rather they had a blast giving this easy trail four thumbs up for scenery and adventure. A must ride for any tandem team in the South Florida area



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