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No News on Texas Tandem Deaths

No News on Texas Tandem Deaths

There has been no recent news regarding the killing of a tandem team in the San Antonio area back in November. As last reported the Bexar County DA was re-examining the case and the family had filed a civil suit.

In the meantime local cyclists have used this tragedy to lobby the San Antonio City Council to pass a “safe passing” law. The law is modeled after similar legislation vetoed by the state governor after passing the House and Senate unanimously. Following the failure of the state law, local municipalities have taken it upon themselves to create local ordinances codifying the law; Austin Texas is an example of one such city that has already passed a similar law. (Source MYSA)

With recent high profile accidents involving bikes and automobiles there seems to be a growing ground swell of support for doing something to lower the volume of accidents. Tandem Teams should watch local news and discuss with local cycling activists in regards to local efforts to improve rider safety.

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