Looking for Warmth in Florida

Looking for Warmth in Florida

For tandem teams not located in Southern California the last 4 weeks have been anything but fun. With an arctic front that dropped all the way into the Florida keys temperatures across the nation have been well below freezing.

There are those few die-hards out there who will wear multiple layers and tough out the cold but for the vast majority cold this severe does not illicit the need to ride. So to rub it in a little bit our editors loaded the tandem up and headed down to St Petersburg Florida to ride in the relatively warm climate along the Gulf coast.

This ride report covers a 22 mile out and back from St Petersburg proper to Fort Desoto State Park. The park located on the southernmost barrier island is connected to the mainland by a lightly trafficked causeway with well striped shoulder and bike lanes. Prevailing winds provide a strong cross-wind and occasional headwind on the way out with a slight tail-wind on the return trek.

Parking at the CVS Convenience store lot near the intersection of 54th St and I275 ride West on 54th to State Highway 679 and turn left. Follow the state highway to the end inside the park and enjoy the bike trails off the highway.

Located within the park are white sand beaches including the North Beach rated #1 in the nation, historic forts, lighthouses, and fishing piers. A real treat to visit, this ride, while not long, is a joy.

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