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For the Love of Tandem Riding

For the Love of Tandem Riding

Recent news surrounding positive doping tests throughout the professional cycling world reminds us why we love riding tandems. Putting two consenting people on the same bike tends to remove all those competitive feelings that riders get alone. There are no professional tandem riders or professional tandem teams. There is no governing body and outside big money sponsors.

When a tandem team throws their legs over the top tube they do it to have fun and enjoy riding. For this we are thankful to the past-time itself. Riding a two seater liberates riders from having to “be fast” or “be first”. Simply riding a tandem down the street or on the trail is cool enough for them.

Here is to the tandem teams out there who do it for the love of tandem riding. Keep those wheels turning and don’t forget why we do it… because we enjoy it.

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