Buffalo Bayou Trail Houston Texas

Buffalo Bayou Trail Houston Texas

As the fourth largest city in the US (by population) Houston has made recent efforts to establish usable inner city bike and recreation trails along the numerous bayous draining into the Gulf.

The Buffalo Bayou trail is located west of downtown Houston and travels east-west from downtown. Comprised of a series of paved trails that zig-zag along the banks of the bayou the riding is actually hilly and challenging for a city bike path located in the flat plains of Houston.


Other tandems were spotted using the trail system during our test runs further bolstering support for a TandemBicycling.com seal of approval; which we agree is warranted.

The only downside to the area trails is that they are poorly marked and some of the city maintained parking areas are in less than desirable areas of town. There is a trail map available on the city website (here) but be warned that it is a bit vague when translated down to real life. Should you take the tandem out in Houston, plan on spending the first few rides feeling the routes and trails out before hammering out longer rides.

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