To Ride or Not to Ride – A Tandem Question

To Ride or Not to Ride – A Tandem Question

It is on beautiful spring afternoons that we find ourselves most perplexed. All winter long we complain about the weather, the rain, and the cold; when oh when will it be warm enough to ride? Well it is spring now and the weather is perfect here in Southern California with nothing stopping us from a ride.

Unfortunately there is that nagging feeling coming on, you know it and you have felt it, you simply do not want to ride. You can’t really nail down the obvious reason; no you are not sick and no the tandem is working just fine but all along the feeling is just not there. You could simply push on and suit up with the hope that the mood will hit you on the road but then again maybe it won’t and you’ll have a miserable time!

Thus are the worries of a tandem team, to ride or not to ride? Force the issue or sit back and wait for another day?

For us today the ride was not in the cards but then again there is always tomorrow. When the beautiful spring afternoon returns and the tandem screams from its rack to be taken for a spin. Maybe the day off will be good? We’ll see, because today the question was answered with a discussion and a nice dinner; tomorrow we will make it up to the tandem on another beautiful spring afternoon when the answer will be “to ride”.

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