2009 Pro XCT Promoter Opts Out for 2010

2009 Pro XCT Promoter Opts Out for 2010

Velonews.com reported that the owners of the US Cup MTB Event Management have opted out of the Pro XCT series associated with USA Cycling and UCI for 2010. The move comes in response to reportedly large fees due UCI to continue with the program and the low value of such UCI sanctioning to the average American racer.

For Tandem Mountain Bike teams looking to race a national series in the US this development should be a positive move. The tandem category is not a UCI recognized category so it was up to the race promoters discretion as to allow tandems to race. Sho-Air and the US Cup were very supportive of the tandem category this last season. That support may continue as they refocus their efforts on building the series via partnerships with local promoters and applying the excess funds to marketing of the events.

“We do this by adding value to their event in the form of venue and course development, rider swag bags, event T-Shirts, number plates, onsite support and additional marketing,” said Ty Kady. “I feel it makes sense for us at this time, to take the money we would spend hosting and subsidizing UCI events, and put it back into the races, riders and venues.”

In the end, let’s be honest, how can a promoter have a true mountain bike race without tandems involved?

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