Tandem Ride Missionary Style

Tandem Ride Missionary Style

San Antonio Texas is home to 5 missions located within 12 miles of one another. The Alamo is the turnaround and counts as the  fifth mission, it began as such but was later transformed into a fort. Partly maintained within the National Park system the city created a bicycle trail that connects all the missions allowing tandem teams a unique opportunity to both log miles and visit historic locales.

Beginning at Mission Espada south of the city the ride is an out and back 24 mile ride with frequent stops at historical way-points along the way. The first 6 miles travel a paved multi-use trail along the San Antonio river bed. Crossing ancient aqueducts, made by the natives under the guidance of the missionaries, and along still active water diversions the trail is a fun journey back in time.

Maps are available online at the NPS website here. Or you can make your first stop at Mission San Jose, well marked bike lane off the trail, to pick up the official park map. The entire ride occurs within the city limits of San Antonio so multiple options are available to tandem teams that would like to increase or decrease ride lengths.






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