The Crazy Dog Sprint

The Crazy Dog Sprint

During a recent trip in the countryside we got a little extra sprint training thanks to an overzealous guard dog. You know the type too. They run really fast along the fence line growling and barking as you peddle by the yard. Even though the dog may be friendly just the chance of the dog being unfriendly causes you to kick a little harder and ride a little faster.

Well this dog was quicker than the normal and seemed extra confident. At the end of the yard he paused slightly and then lept. At that moment we knew this time would be a bit different. With no effort the dog’s front paws reached the apex of the fence and just as quickly he hurled himself over the top. Without even skipping a beat he was on the pavement a tandem length behind. No words had to be exchanged between captain and stoker the sprint was on!

In this scenario we were riding up an incline with the top 200 meters ahead. It was a battle of wills the tandem versus the canine. First to give up would lose or win depending on the perspective.

Outside of race conditions it is often difficult to reproduce the extreme bursts of energy required to go fast. This dog had more than reproduced the need for speed. As we neared the top a quick glance back proved that the dog had not given up but he was losing ground… thankfully. 10 meters from the top our speed reached 30 mph and the dog had finally given up chase.

Over the top and away from danger we were able to let up the speed and take a breather. The thrill of the escape (and probably left over adrenaline) left us in excited discussion about what may have happened had we lost the sprint. Luckily for us speculation was the only result and on with the ride we went. That crazy dog was no match for our sprint; how about you? Are you ready for the crazy dog sprint?

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