Tandem Tragedy

Tandem Tragedy

We are as guilty as the next tandem team in the false feeling of safety our large bike and presence create. Sad news out the San Antonio Texas area, where a married couple (Greg and Alexandra Bruehler) were killed while riding along highway 16 in the suburb of Helotes, stands as a stark and sad reminder that we are just as vulnerable to accidents as any other bike. The accident reportedly was the result of an over-correction by the driver of an F-150 who then crashed into the couple and killed both of them.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims and the driver. Tragedies like this are destructive to all those involved.

We hope that local authorities look closely at the cause of the accident and take whatever steps are necessary to prevent future incidences.

As for other tandem teams, this incident hopefully serves as a reminder that we are at the mercy of the 3-10,000 lbs vehicles hurtling by us on the roads. Use caution while riding and select routes that follow less trafficked and lower speed limited highways.

10/6/09 Follow up to the story. Local cyclists displayed a very moving show of support for the family and departed with a 2 mile ride of silence culminating into a visually emotional moment of silence across the road from the funeral. See the video here

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