Interbike 2009 – Pedego Electric Assist Tandem Beach Cruiser

Interbike 2009 – Pedego Electric Assist Tandem Beach Cruiser

Pedego, based in Irvine CA, used the Interbike Trade Show to show off their new Electric Tandem Bicycle. The first mass produced electric assist tandem the bike offers tandem riders a unique alternative to sharing the tandem experience.

The throttle for the electric motor is controlled by the captain and utilizes a 750 watt motor powered by a 48 volt Lithium Ion Battery mounted over a faux pannier rack out back.

From the company’s press release:

PEDEGO offers consumers comfortable and fun electric bike options. The new tandem bike is designed specifically for couples of all ages who enjoy riding together. With its electric capabilities, it allows riders a smooth ride whether cruising across a flat surface or over hills.

The PEDEGO tandem e-bike features a beach cruiser design with two wide, cushioned seats, relaxed handlebars and a rear motor. Featuring the same components as other PEDEGO bicycles, it operates much like a regular tandem but utilizes a parallel electric drive system that includes a 750 watt motor and 48 volt lithium manganese battery. The battery will last about 15,000 miles and costs less than 10 cents to recharge. The throttle is controlled by the rear rider gently revving the right handlebar grip.

The bike itself is stocked with low end components in line with the targeted needs of the consumers most likely to purchase the bike. Expect to see a few running around the beaches this summer.

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