Interbike 2009 – Is Anything Really New

Interbike 2009 – Is Anything Really New

One of the questions we get a lot is “What is the hot new tandem?” The real meaning behind this question is “if I buy a tandem will it become outdated fast?”. As the annual Interbike show in Vegas proves over and over again (every year) with the bike industry nothing is really new and if it is breakthrough awesome there are good chances you will be able to upgrade your old rig.

For those of you in the market for a tandem or tandem parts the best piece of advice we can give is to not buy anything that is brand spankin’ new. If you wait, even a few months, that new shiny item will be on discount somewhere.

Interbike, the annual bike trade show in Las Vegas reminds us every year that the industry is always hyping their new creations. Unfortunately the really out of this world stuff (like Cannondale’s computer controlled “Simon” fork) are most likely never going to reach a retail store within the foreseeable future.

So go about your tandem bike shopping ways knowing that as long as it works and meets your needs it is good enough by our standards too. The hottest thing out there is most likely not the thing you actually need to have fun.

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