Ride Report Rendezvous Trails West Yellowstone Montana

Ride Report Rendezvous Trails West Yellowstone Montana

Yellowstone National Park offers scenic road riding opportunities but not much in the way of mountain biking options. For those of you lucky enough to pass through West Yellowstone Montana, at the West Gate to Yellowstone, mountain biking becomes a real and viable option just minutes outside the National Park.

The Rendezvous Trails south of West Yellowstone in the Gallatin National Forest offers quality singletrack riding along paths cut for cross-country ski trails. As with most cross-country ski trails the routes pleasure mountain bikers with gentle slopes interspersed with short leg burners always followed by some sort of descent. For tandem mountain bikes the widely cleared brush makes these trails some of the best single track you can find.


For our test run we simply traveled counter-clockwise from the entrance and made a left at every trail crossing. The route included trails with names such as Volunteer, Rendezvous, Dead Dog, Windy Ridge, and DejaView. All major course intersections are well marked with a mapped sign-post, getting lost would take real ingenuity.


The majority of the trail winds through dense forest over packed clay dirt. With a total ride distance of about 12 miles the trails offer quiet solitude for a tandem pair (we passed a total 5 people throughout the entire trail system on a holiday weekend).

To get to the Rendezvous Trail System take any of the public dirt roads south of Obsidian Ave. Look for trail-head markers and you will be there.

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