S&S Couplers

S&S Couplers

Transporting a tandem can be a difficult proposition. Custom roof rack add-ons, pick up trucks, and SUVs are generally the only secure methods for getting a tandem from point A to point B.

Enter the S&S Coupler. Designed and manufactured by S and S Machine in Roseville, CA the fittings are intended to be mounted as part of  the tubing on your bike. Utilizing interlocking teeth and threaded over-ring the couplers form a solid junction that can quickly be separated.

The result is a bike that can be quickly broken down and transported in a smaller package.

In the case of tandems the couplers are best utilized by teams looking to transport the bike over long distances as it is often necessary to also remove cabling and brake hoses.

S&S Coupler

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