Ride Report Crater Lake National Park – Rim Road

Ride Report Crater Lake National Park – Rim Road

Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon is a geological oddity formed by the eruption of a volcano 12,000 years ago. The resulting crater has filled with water to a depth of almost 2000 feet creating a pristine deep blue color at the surface. The National Park Service, to preserve the beauty and allow people to safely enjoy the sights, created the Rim Drive. A 33 mile paved road that circumnavigates the crater. This route is an ideal tandem cycling destination.

With over 3,000 ft of vertical elevation gain at 8,000 ft of altitude this ride will challenge anyone who partakes in it.

The official guide book advises traveling in a clockwise route keeping you on the lakeside all the way around. The many sights help to ease the pain on the climbs while the resulting descents keep your brakes in tip top form… 50+ mph is easily attainable on several of the descents… need we say more. Go ride Crater Lake. Park at either the main visitor center or the North junction parking area; from there it is a circle so if you get lost somethings wrong…



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