Ride Report Ossagon Trail Redwoods National Park

Ride Report Ossagon Trail Redwoods National Park

Riding in the Redwoods is one of those opportunities of a lifetime. The massive size of the trees, deep foliage, moist dirt, and stunning scenery make for a truly epic adventure. The route today begins in Redwood National Park at the Ossagon trail-head. Traveling west for 1.5 miles along a single track trail that descends several hundred feet to the Coastal Trail.


The ride then follows the coastal trail for 8 miles before climbing inland along Davidson Rd.


Along the ride wild elk are easily spotted.


After climbing inland the ride follows the Davidson Trail to the visitor center at Elk Prairie. The return ride to the vehicle is 8 miles up paved Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway through the Redwood forest.

The Redwoods are blessed with near constant fog and moisture making for comfortable riding weather and epic views.

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