Ride Report – Fredonyer Peak Trail Susanville California

Ride Report – Fredonyer Peak Trail Susanville California

The Fredonyer Peak is a 7500ft mountain with 360 degree views of the lower Cascade Mountains and surrounding high desert. The ride begins off Highway 139 20 miles north of Susanville Ca. Parking at the trail-head riders are presented with a 20 mile out and back rough and rocky double track trail. Ascending consistently from the beginning, riders climb 2500ft to the peak.

The climb itself is consistent and gradual with no un-navigable grades. The lower 2/3 of the trail is exposed with only low shrubbery; caution is advised on extreme heat days. After mile 7 the altitude affords comfortable heat and a regular breeze keeps riders cool.

The descent is fast, loose, and rocky. The volcanic stones create flat tire hazards as they can easily cut sidewalls. Keeping a smooth hand on the brakes is a must. Due to the rocky and rough surface tandems with no suspension are not advised.

Rewarded with views of both Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen the peak is well worth the trek.




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